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Microsoft Windows has been around for 29 years. An early pioneer in the personal computing field, they continued to branch out into various technologies and are a market leader today in the Enterprise segment.

Affinity Data Solutions leverage Microsoft technology in many diverse environments. They offer many best-in-class products that, when configured and implemented well, can have a huge impact on your business. Here are a few ways MS products can improve your bottom-line:

  • Administration

  • Windows Server provides a domain environment in which you can control all aspects of your workstations and data. Microsoft has done a good job integrating all their other products into this domain configuration, providing seemless and single-sign-on functionality across their entire product line.
  • MS SQL

  • Microsoft provides a very refined and polished server version of the popular Database structure and programming language. With this package running the data back-end of your businesses applications you will have high-performance data access and excellent integration for other considerations such as Advanced Analytics
  • Exchange

  • MS Exchange Server is a stable and feature-rich Email hosting solution. Integration with a Windows Domain provides the convenience of automatic mailbox setup and single-sign-on. When it's time to connect mobile devices, Microsoft's ActiveSync technology makes it simple and secure, with advanced features to wipe data off the handheld if lost.