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Sharepoint helps companies create dynamic intranet sites quickly.    Leverage your internal network with a Sharepoint site; it provides a host of features to help improve communication, collaboration and operational efficiency throughout your organization.

Affinity provides sharepoint sites custom built to your specifications and requirements. Trying to solve a tricky operational challenge? Get in touch today and we will provide a free consultation to determine if Sharepoint is the right solution for your environment.

Here are just three of the ways that Sharepoint can add to your toolset:
  • Document Management

  • Sharepoint has many elegant and useful features that allow users within your organization to store, share, and organize documents. Combine this with easy-to-manage security controls and you will no-doubt improve efficiency and inspire collaboration.
  • Collaboration & Workflow

  • Creating a team-dynamic is important for any organization. Sharepoint allows teams of any size to better organize and collaborate. Workflows, timelines, and project management are all effortlessly integrated into an attractive package that your employees will love to use.
  • Intraoffice Communication

  • Fostering a positive work community is a great way to improve worker morale. Sharepoint helps by keeping employees in touch via organization and department specific pages. Announcements, social commitee updates and personal or group discussions facilitate togetherness.