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Linux is a state of mind. An open-source operating-system, it has been ported to more devices and been the basis for more licensed operating systems than any other. (MacOS and Android to name just two)

Affinity Data Services is well versed in the various Linux distributions and accompanying products that can give you a leg-up when budgets are tight and reliability is paramount. These tools aren't always as user-friendly or well integrated as their Microsoft equivalents, but they're powerful, run lean, and can provide the bedrock for your Organization's future success.

  • Desktop

  • Linux operating system comes in many versions which are specifically tailored to desktop workstations. They provide much of the functionality of their Windows counterparts with little or no associated licensing fees. This option is recommended for smaller offices & a user-base with at least intermediate computer skill-level.
  • Web Hosting

  • The LAMP stack has become a very popular solution for hosting dymamic websites. This free and open-source software bundle is a wonderful alternative to Microsoft's IIS component and is preferred where stability and speed are not an option. Your company website will be fast, responsive and available.
  • Database

  • The Linux platform has many excellent database systems that run alongside it. Whatever your data needs, Affinity can provide a stable and cost-effective database solution within a Linux environment. Need stability? Many of the worlds largest corporations depend on Linux to store there data; with Affinity so can you.