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Effective use of technology has become a cornerstone of modern enterprise.

Systems management has become one of the major challenges facing small and medium businesses today. Developing and guiding an in-house IT department can be a burden on your time and management resources. Affinity provides a full-service IT department ready to take on the task, so you can focus on the 'big picture' items that define your organization.
We custom-design management and operational strategies to help all of our clients meet their IT and organizational goals. No task or challenge is too large or small for our team of dedicated IT professionals. To help you along on your path to success, we offer:

  • Desktop Support

  • Downtime cripples productivity. Affinity provides superb customer service and support for your employees, 24/7. Let us create a plan to meet the unique needs of your users; we are friendly and love to help.
  • Server Management

  • Servers are the beating heart of your IT infrastructure. Affinity can handle their regular maintenance and monitoring as well as project management and deployment when you're ready to grow.
  • Network Support

  • Network Infrastructure lets your data move. Affinity will help ensure that things don't grind to a halt. Ready to add a new site? Ask about our VPN solutions which keep your locations working together.
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Affinity can provide a free no-obligation review of your current infrastructure.