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Effective analysis of data helps you make better decisions for your business.

Affinity has the expertise to organize and present your company's data so that it makes sense to you, whether a bar-graph or a boardroom presentation we will help provide a clearer view of where your company has been, helping to plot a course for a successful tomorrow.
From Accounting Intelligence to Web Analytics, Affinity has you covered with the latest technologies and sound business analysis insights to help you approach decision-making from a more proactive and strategic angle.

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Let Affinity create an advanced reporting structure to suit your business and industry needs. We create custom reports and dashboard structures which give you detailed and flexible access to the information most vital to you. Key metrics and performance indicators are specifically designed to provide insight where you need it most.
  • Business Analysis

  • Affinity has the expertise to help you make sense of the numbers. Whether you are just starting to build business analysis skills or simply need some fresh insight on how to turn relevant numbers into actionable items, we can help. Take advantage of our expertise to help improve operational efficiency.
  • Data Flow

  • Exchanging information with your partners presents major administrative overhead. Allow us to help improve efficiency by implementing automated data exchange systems, reduce the work-hours invested in areas like billing and order-processing. Technologies like EDI can save you hours, money and aggravation.
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