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Cisco is the back-bone of the internet. An early pioneer in the realm of getting data where it needs to go, Cisco still makes some of the most dependable and versatile equipment you can buy. When features and reliability are key, Cisco has the answer.

Affinity Data Services has advanced expertise when it comes to designing and implementing a stable and well-connected Cisco network infrastructure. From the simplest small-office environment to linking large offices around the world with Virtual Private Networking you can depend on Affinity when it comes to high-end network architecture.

  • Routing & Switching

  • All of your advanced business systems won't work if they can't talk to each other; network connectivity is depended on by every aspect of your business. Why take chances? When it just needs to work, Cisco is the way to go. Affinity can design, implement and monitor a resilient and fault-tolerant network that you can depend on.
  • VPN

  • Whether you're connecting large offices across the country or wanting to have a few workers access sensitive company data from the road, VPN technologies with advanced encryption provide the required functionality and security. Cisco devices are powerful enough to handle all the connections you require without skipping a beat.
  • Security

  • The internet is a scary place these days and your firewall is the only thing separating your company from the threats that lurk beyond. Cisco Security Devices have the latest technology to ensure that data entering and leaving your internal network is safe. Don't take chances with your data, have Affinity take a look at your network security today!