VMWare & Hyper-V

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Virtualization has changed the server landcape.    Removing the barriors between hardware and software allows you to maximize your physical assets while improving scalability.

Affinity Data Solutions has expertise in VMWare and Hyper-V, two of the leading virtualization technologies. Regardless of the size of your infrastructure we can show you how virtualization will improve functionality while saving you money long-term.   Get in touch today and let us show you how.

  • Improve Efficiency

  • One major benefit provided by virtualization is that it allows you to make use of server capacity that might be wasted otherwise. Modern hardware is extremely powerful and in many cases is under-utilized. Servers that are not taxing their hardware can in many cases be combined to run on a single machine providing cost savings.
  • Simplify Backups

  • Virtualization creates clean divisions between logical servers which are parsed and easily backed up by products such as VEEAM. As an added bonus, servers backed up in this way can be restored to nearly any hardware running the same virtualization technology allowing for speedy recovery from hardware failure
  • Ensure Scalability

  • Is your business growing? Virtualization technolgy makes sure your servers can increase capacity as you need it. Features like VMWare's VMotion allow servers to seamlessly move between hardware allowing them access to more power when growth demands it. Provide for tomorrow with virtualization today!